Sliding door Roller-TP100

TN100 WD

Sliding Fittings for Wooden Door

Max door weight: 100 Kg

Min. door thickness: 25 mm

Min. door height : 2500 mm

Details about Sliding door Roller-TP100



        • For single or double leaf doors
        • Height adjustment of 7mm
        • High performance rollers, zinc alloy body, “O” form wheels
        •  With ground shield ball bearings
        • Unique design of track with slope bottom, provides the systemdust-free and self-cleaning characters.


Material and Finishes

        • Running track: Aluminum, anodized silver colored
        •  Hanging wheels: 4 wheels with self-lubrication nylon, white, with metal bearings
        •  Hanging body: Zinc alloy
        • Suspend base: steel, white galvanized
        • Door stop: nylon,
        • Bottom guide: nylon, black
        • Please order tracks and wall mounted bracket separately as you required
        • Max length 6000mm per piece
        • Side mounting is optional with the supplied side mounting plates


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